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What Is Fusion


it’s interdisciplinary across the spectrum of multiple domains including medicine, neurology, philosophy, sociology and world affairs

it’s interspecialty and interactive within general and specialty arenas within medicine and neurology, fostering a new dialogue between and among specialists and primary care physicians within medicine

it’s inter-lingual particularly within the Americas featuring French speaking, Spanish speaking and Portuguese speaking cultures interacting with English speaking cultures (the Fusion Clinical Multimedia language of record)

it’s cross-cultural featuring North American, Central American, Caribbean and South American peoples; in addition, Fusion draws from multiple ethnic and religious perspectives throughout the world and ascertains their impact on ideas and events in the Western Hemisphere

it includes Neurosatire and Neuroabsurdia, essentially invented by Van Gross, MD as vehicles for provocative commentary on the world we inhabit (plus neighboring planets and galaxies as the case may be)

it’s the Fusion of ideologies on various matters germane to radical change in Healthcare

it’s the fusion of seemingly disparate domains such as Neuroscience and Creativity in the generation of Artistic leaps into prose, poetry, music and art, not just in “explaining scientifically” how Creativity might work but to actually institute Neurological component teachings in the generation of creative works….and vice versa

it’s the acknowledgment of a wide range of works in Neurology based movies and plays and the generation of a new kind of chapter in this increasingly noteworthy Art-Science “fusionistic” realm; in other words, there is rather unique Oliver Sacks a Neurologist who does books and film but his style is only one where expertise in the medical specialty combines with artistic forays; Van Gross, MD dramatically augments the variety of such a combination via multiple Fusion Clinical Multimedia projects utilizing multiple forms of expression

it’s in this light that Van Gross, MD has branded the explosively interdisciplinary and integrated Fusion Clinical Multimedia approach, not only in areas referenced above but into the extremely critical domain of education, taking “NeuroEducation” to a different stratosphere via hundreds of programs in medical, neuroscience and healthcare lay and professional education