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This Light Will Change

Posted by vangrossadmin in Healthcare Revolution 01 Jun 2011

by Kenneth Van Gross, MD
June 2011

At the stoplight of existence
In the red light district of paralysis
Of muscular waste or pseudohypertrophy

Harnessing the essence of the gene
Replacing the Enzyme
In the Molecular Biology of Revolution
Of the Bench Research
Of the Clinical Trials
Of the Absolute power of the collaborative Genius
Of so many
In so many specialties
Be it genetics
Or chemistry or physics
Or any branch of the life sciences

Dedicated to a cure
Dedicated to a breakthrough
Dedicated to replacing a defective gene with a brand new humanly engineered
Return to that normal state

This light will change
This light will shine
This light will immerse the world in the brilliant radiance of a million beams
Amarillo by morning
Heed the yellow but proceed full speed
Into the green forest of dystrophin demise