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The Thematic Key
to Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc.

There’s a Van Gross, MD lecture presentation for Fusion Clinical Interspecialty Education as well. Click here to arrange the discussion or reel in Van Gross, MD to discuss both Healthcare Reform and Education Initiatives in Medicine and generally.

Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc. is a company founded by Dr. Kenneth Van Gross in 1995 for the purpose of launching a Multimedia Medical Information Library and Lecture/Consulting Source for physicians, medical students and other health professionals. Over the past decade, FCM has provided educational services to thousands of individuals in the medical field.

The Fusion Library will be an authoritative reference on interdisciplinary clinical issues with key content to emanate from the disciplines of Neurology and Internal Medicine. Its focus will be on overlapping areas between specialties such as “Brain Cardioembolism” (in that case involving Neurology and Cardiology).

Dialogue between and among specialists from different fields is the cornerstone of presentations made on a series of “dual discipline” discs. A merging and crossfire of ideas is anticipated. Given the “inter-specialty” vacuum that now exists and the requirement for greater knowledge by the generalist, the need for Fusion is clear.