VanGrossMD | Klan Attempts to Downgrade Black Movement Skills

Klan Attempts to Downgrade Black Movement Skills

Posted by vangrossadmin in Neurosatire and Neuroabsurdia 01 Mar 2015



March Madness Anniversary Edition

2015 Style

By Van Gross, MD


Klan’s “Movement of Black People” Analysis Squadron

Well we were thankin’ (thinking) about those black folk and all that Alvin Ailey mythology and such and we came to the ralizayshun(realization) that their so called movement ability is rally (really) hogwash. In fact, if you lookie (look) here at these eight black folk below, they’re pretty much motionless.  You got a couple there that together adds up to 212 years of age. Well Jesus Mary Joseph and a kettle full of Jews, who gave them that there right to grace our Lord’s glorious American plantation for so long? But you see a lot of movement thar (there) friends (fiends)? I sure don’t. So there goes that black motion myth. I know Klansfolk who have been dead for like 100 years and they’re moving right thar (there) neck and neck with  these dark ancients. What’s my point? What’s my point? I’ll tell you my point. My point is if you’re a long living Negro start showin’ the White World of Dead Klansmen some jiggaboo.

You know, strut your stuff or pipe down- cause our corpses are right thar (there) with you. You see what I mean by White Supremacy?  We’ve got folk dead for hundreds of years who are not moving much either.  Sure you live types can go to the store, sing happy birthday, have those family get-togethers while we get consumed by maggots, but let’s just add up all your moving and all our moving and if you factor in maggots moving flesh around, I think we got you just about even steven!!


Dead and Deader- “I Can’t Breathe” Minimally Dynamic Klan Duo-Byrd and Byrd Dropping

Alvin Ailey “Lucky” Dance Moves

KKK Dance Retards- New definition of Spastics


Very very very old black couple that isn’t moving much- “We don’t live this long but we’re ‘keeping up with the Jones Negroes’ by having maggots move our flesh around.”
– Karl “Sheets” Klansdale

Now let’s move on to the next “overblown  story” of the “moving Negro”. Well still photography comes through again!!  Whether you’re in New York or Florida or in Ferguson, Missouri and you’ve been selling loose cigarettes or buying Skittles or walking in the middle of a street, where does all that “movement” get you? Well go on and ask officers of the law like that Injun Zimmerman or that Loose Cigarette Violator Special Ops Unit or even that squad leader in charge of killing black boys who walk in the middle of a streets where CARS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!!


Dark Skinned Law Breakers’  “No Movement, Proof of Concept” Gallery

Finally, we have the case of Michael Jordan, Martin King and lawn jockeys. Now Michael Jordan may still be doing his jumping into the air act but we may have some sort of animated statue doppelganger on our hands. I haven’t the slightest idea what any of that means but that thar (there) story writer of this put them words in my filthy mouth. You just need to look at that statue of Michael over thar (there) in Chicago and when you see that boy move a smidgeon, just holler! Well that’s not happenin, ya ‘ear (hear)? Your pie hole will be zipped shut as David Duke at a Diversity Festival- you got Stonewall Jackson meets Air Stonewall in the form of NO MOVING!!

And you say, Gee willikers, Mr. Dragon Idiot, that could be a fluke. What else you got in that Negro In Stone department? Well I got a double play for y’all (yous). It’s called No Oscar Man and my buddy Wizard Clem’s lawn jockey. That’s right, another version of Marty King (other than that one who didn’t win an Oscar trophy…talk about things that don’t move- hardy harhar) and that slightly racist Al Jolsen look alike near Clem’s hedges  both got the frozen stiff situation going on-and I’m not talking about some tundra up there in Maine.

I’m talkin about- and let me spell this out real slow like the workins’ (workings) of my moronic brain- Negroes….carved…..out…….of rocks……and sea- ment (cement)…….that ain’tmovin’ like all black people supposed to do so well!!


Further evidence of the Myth that Blacks put normal people like the Klan

to shame in the Movement Department-

“You see anyone actually moving here?” Grand Dragon Banjo Billy “ Mr. Deliverance” Calhoun