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Triple Layer Single Payer and Fusion Medical Education

Medical System Reform- Triple Layer Single Payer

  1. FREE UNIVERSAL MEDICARE (FUM)- (HIGH QUALITY) – all citizens will get it free based upon open access to all generalists and specialists (Medicare fee for service style); all citizens will have the option to add one or both private options.
  2. PRIVATE OPTION A – NEW AGE HMO’S – Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s) will be confined to special preventative medicine programs that strongly lend themselves to wellness/health maintenance rather than to the management of medical disease. HMO’s will offer health club initiatives plus programs fighting obesity, some sleep problems and smoking. The free market will be able to shine here. One would be offered lower rates if one loses weight, stops smoking or is more fit.
  3. PRIVATE OPTION B – VALUE ADDED ORGANIZATIONS (VAO’s) for those with certain expensive and/or complex chronic disease, certain catastrophes, items like elective vanity surgery or truly experimental treatment/procedures.

Expanding On Triple Layer-Single Payer, Van Gross, MD offers up this Proclamation to begin the kind of mega-change needed to institute meaningful Healthcare Reform in the USA.

Bring Van Gross, MD on board as a Visiting Lecturer on this topic outlined below and supplemented with a provocative PowerPoint Presentation.


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