VanGrossMD | George W. Bush Invades Baltimore

George W. Bush Invades Baltimore

Posted by vangrossadmin in Neurosatire and Neuroabsurdia 01 May 2015


By Van Gross, MD

May Day, 2015

Seizing the reigns from President Barack Hussein Obama in a palace coup, George W. Bush re-occupied the White House (no security barred the door anyway), calling himself “W the Warlock”.

Seething over the Obama comments about “me doing this wrong in Iraq and that wrong in Afghanistan and this wrong in the Middle East”, The Junior Iraqi Rabble Rouser decided “Enough is enough- I’m not going to wait for some 9th grade truant with a baseball bat and a hoodie to shet off a weapon of mash deshtruction”.

In fact Bush reunited Condy, Cheney and Colin,  “my High C’s”, “to ashertain the location of those juvenilesh’ WMD stash over there on Reishtershtown Road in B-More.”