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About Fusion Clinical Multimedia (FCM)®





We have addressed the core FUSION word for this two decade long project

What’s the deal with the word CLINICAL?

And can the term MULTIMEDIA be clearly defined in this overall scheme of things?


Here is a Full Definition of the word from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary:



:  of, relating to, or conducted in or as if in a clinic: as

a :  involving direct observation of the patient

b :  based on or characterized by observable and diagnosable symptoms


:  analytical or coolly dispassionate


“Clinical” obviously relates to the medical motif within Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc., (FCM). Much is presented based on healthcare system thoughts, medical education programs and what patients can teach us about the human brain/mind functions in so many life arenas. The seminal Fusion initiative was in the area of interspecialty medical communications. Many programs have been derived from prototypes therein such as Neurology-Psychiatry interactions to Dermatology-Rheumatology arenas. Increasingly, an area called Translational Medicine brings basic science/laboratory research to the clinic. A number of the Fusion programs interject this important approach. For example, Van Gross, MD powers a medical school course in Medical Genetics that knits a survey of practical molecular genetics with key clinical syndromes of a genetic and congenital nature. Has this type of thing been done before? Certainly, in various ways. However, this type of heavy integration of the basic with syndrome elucidation to allow for high impact patient care solutions for a variety of clinicians is a signature charge of Fusion, not a sidelight.

“Clinical” also means analytical and coolly dispassionate. This is another distinction that alludes to the full FCM name. Not only is Fusion dedicated to the Medical (largely synonymous with Clinical), but it is dedicated to a multi-specialty, multi- school of thought, multi- academic and non-academic across the board “fusionistic” applications and “theme park”; that’s the scholarly backbone to the interdisciplinary/intercultural approach embodied in all Fusion works. So Clinical refers to this studied methodology of this nature, but in fact allows for irony via entropy of a panoply of ideas and styles that can at once allow for appreciation of bodies of interdisciplinary projects and programs that include chaos and randomness. The cool dispassion of a neurologist-literary marksman enmeshed in numerous Van Gross, MD surrealistic streams of consciousness thus relates to this “clinical” definition as would some uncanny yet unique vocal performance.

Finally, when speaking of Multi-media, although the hyphenated term was first used in the 1960’s in citing say television plus radio broadcasts by the same company, the non-connected Multimedia term began around 1994 and largely referred to CD-ROMs, the original vehicle for data including text, graphics, images, audio and video to be used on one’s personal computer. CD-ROM was the original modality for Fusion programs in 1995 as touted in the original Fusion interdisciplinary library called Interactive Medicine wherein there was a merging or a fusion of dialogue between and among specialists and generalists concerning overlapping topics in dual specialties (for example cardiac arrhythmias classically linked to stroke- that’s cardiology and neurology fusion).

Like so many other Multimedia companies, Fusion has expanded into multiple other data conglomeration entities beyond CD-ROM. Audiotapes, videotapes, online programs including taped and live video/audio broadcasts, digital and traditional books and essay compilations, various classroom/lecture hall sessions that are made available for broad dissemination via computer ready products from DVD’s to podcasts in the works.

Indeed is a Multimedia tour de force compiling neurosatire, healthcare commentary, novel interdisciplinary programs such as the Neuroanthropology of Sports from straight text to wild imagery to YouTube videos.